is a data driven analytics platform that tracks reward generating digital assets
and provides verifiable returns of live crypto wallets.

Investing in cryptocurrency assets can be a stressful and time consuming endeavor. In order to mitigate risk and achieve the best possible return, portfolio differentiation is extremely important.

Successful portfolio balancing depends on access to real time, verifiable and comparable data about potential returns of investments into reward generating coins and other digital assets. This is the segment of the blockchain market GOSTAKE aspires to fulfil.

Contrary to many other tracking websites which provide users mostly with obsolete, theoretical or incorrect information about potential returns acquired from official websites or White Papers of digital crypto assets such as coins and tokens, GOSTAKE does it differently.

GOSTAKE provides 100% verifiable data taken from live crypto wallets showing real results of running and staking different reward generating crypto assets. By fully utilizing blockchain technology which is based on accessible, immutable and verifiable information, GOSTAKE is able to helping users design and balance their portfolio for better returns.

At its core GOSTAKE intention is to provide data showing what happens if a user decided to invest 1000 USD 7, 30, 90, 365 days ago taking into account price change, staking mechanics and over market conditions. GOSTAKE’s advanced analytics engine is highly customisable and allows to specify type of currency, select specific date range and also filter types of crypto assets to deliver a clear picture of performance of a diverse crypt portfolio.

GOSTAKE is designed to help users refine their crypto assets portfolio as well as support development of the entire crypto industry in general by creating a verifiable and freely available market intelligence.

The website consists of 3 main parts:

1) A leaderboard – showing top 10 different reward generating and non generating crypto assets (Masternodes, Proof of Stake and others) that reflects return on investment within a set period of time. It allows for quick comparison and referencing.

2) Main page – showing summaries of returns of every reward generating crypto asset which can be filtered according to weekly, monthly or yearly time frames, in USD, BTC or native currency and according to the type of available asset (either reward generating, non generating or all combined).

3) Advanced view – more detailed representation of data for each crypto asset tracked by GOSTAKE including links to essential resources associated with a particular project, price change as well as detailed results about GOSTAKE’s reward generating wallet and its corresponding returns. There are also two comparison graphs of payout frequency and relative price performance of the tracked asset.

We have also introduced a special tool, Missed Opportunity Calculator which allows users to select any amount they would have invested on a given day in the past and find out how much they would have earned by now. Calculations are done based on parameters set by the user and data from the real crypto wallets. Missed Opportunity Calculator can be an extremely important tool that helps to make the right decisions regarding building or amending a cryptocurrency portfolio.

GOSTAKE is designed to provide users with information based on live wallets but should in no way be considered as brokerage or investment advisory service. You should take any financial decisions on your own or consult with reliable experts. Crypto assets are volatile and the prices can go up and down. Carefully evaluate your trading goals and the financial risk you are willing to take.

Finally, please ensure your assets are kept safe and protected, never share your passwords or private keys with anyone else and try to run your wallets in a secluded and protected environment. Always install and update the latest antivirus and antimalware software. GOSTAKE sincerely hopes the provided service will help you create and maintain a differentiated and rewarding crypto portfolio.

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GOSTAKE is a platform providing users with full overview of cryptocurrency assets we maintain and track.

GOSTAKE assumes no responsibility for any action based on information presented on the website.

Information acquired from our platform cannot be considered as financial advice, suggestion or recommendation in any way, shape or form.